Living in Ger Guesthouse with nomads

How does one live with the nomads in Ger?
What experience will you live and why we always prefer to advise this solution compared to hostels and holiday camps?

Some nomadic families live inside natural parks near Ulan Bator, in the desert and in the north close to Lake Hovsgol. Normally they are moving 4 times a year depending on the season change and often welcome tourists in their homes. It is a unique experience because it will allow you to have a close encounter with everyday life and culture of Mongolian nomads. The time in a Ger flows slowly, you can watch scenes from everyday life and help women in their daily tasks (preparation of lunches and dinners, milking the cows, livestock management, etc. ..). You can converse with them through our guides, but do not worry .. they will be curious to see you and be the first to make questions in language unintelligible to us .. but we will be there to translate !!

But the Ger are tents?

Absolutely not! It is often said that they are “Mongolian tents”, but these facilities are much larger with beds inside, little furniture and a stove in the center. The heater is used in the colder months as heating but it can also be turned on in the summer. The Ger are beautiful, inside they are all wooden with handmade furniture, painted and decorated typically of a yellow / orange color. It is always guarantee a private Ger -so if you do the private tour for 1-6 persons you can stay together in Ger. Nomads will have their Ger close to yours, while one is always used as “common” or the place where you eat all together.

And what do you eat?

Typical dishes are meat ravioli, noodles, vegetables, boiled rice all strictly served with tea or milk tea. Usually you should eat all together but nothing will stop you to eat within your Ger.

There are bathrooms and showers inside the Ger? There is electricity? Can I charge my phone?

Absolutely not! The ‘rural choice’ is also the most authentic and makes you will live exactly in the same way of the nomads. Inside there are no toilets, usually they are located on the exterior or “the Mongolian” or outdoors.

Do not worry about the showers, long the trips are planned stops in tourist areas to allow everyone to wash. On the other hand, electricity is sometimes available and sometimes not, it depends on where is located the Ger, so do not expect to be able to recharge every day cell phone or camera. Bring extra batteries or extra refills to cope with this.

If you want the comfort of a hotel this choice is definitely not for you. If you want to live in contact with the local populations to their rhythms and understand their culture we are waiting for you in our travels!

A Ger Roof

A Ger in Terelj park

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