Our accommodations

Our accommodations during the tour:

We can offer a wide range of accomodations,
from Hostel to Ger, Camps, Tends and luxury tends.


These are small structures, possibility of having dormitories or single rooms, bathrooms They are usually the most expensive facilities and are not present almost nowhere.

Tourist Ger Camp

It is about private Ger (20-30) that have showers and shared bathrooms and a restaurant in the tourist field.

Ger with nomadic family

The accommodation with nomads permit you to feel the real Mongolia and to partecipate to the nomads daily life. You will have a private ger ( but there is no showers and toilets inside ).

Luxury Tend Camp

Where anything is available and you are in the forest or desert, in the vast nothingness of Mongolia you will have a tent where you can spend the night.