What kind of accommodation do you offer during the trip?

1 Hostels / Guesthouse / Hotel These are small structures, possibility of having dormitories or single rooms, bathrooms They are usually the most expensive facilities and are not present almost nowhere

2 Tourist Camps It is about private Ger(20-30) that have showers and shared bathrooms and a restaurant in the tourist field.

3 Ger with nomads
The accommodation with nomads is the one offered in the standard tour, you can read more information in this article: Living in the Ger with nomads. The access to a private Ger near the nomads, there are no showers and toilets are outside. During the long tour the stages are planned in places where you can take a shower. Warning: This is the standard accommodation that we offer in our tours, to have a more authentic journey and likewise help local populations. If you are accustomed and you want the bathroom in the room or the electricity never mind this accommodation.

4 Tent
Where anything is available and you are in the forest or desert, in the vast nothingness of Mongolia you will have a tent where you can spend the night.

I would add to my trip a reservation of a Russian or Chinese train to continue my journey elsewhere. It’s possible?

Of course, we can book tickets for trains from Moscow to Ulan Bator and other Russian cities and from Ulan Bator to Beijing and other Chinese destinations. To book your tickets we will need to have your details and passport number. If you intend starting in July and August, please contact us promptly, especially those that want Russian tickets because they last very easily in a short time -though reservations can be made starting three months before the date of travel.

If you choose to buy a ticket with us the price has to be paid in advance all together and not on arrival- it is not refundable. The tickets will be delivered the day of departure of the trip and we will let you have a photocopy of it as proven proof of purchase. Any name changes or wrong data or kilos of extra luggage will get paid by the participants based on current prices of individual companies. Avoid bringing on board of trains drugs, precious stones and antiques. The above controls on the Russian side are very stiff and require very costly fines. Contact us at info@dosbrostravel.com to book train tickets.

I would add to my travel insurance / travel insurance is that possible?

Sure, you can make a policy / travel insurance through our contacts in Europe Assistance. The cost of the policy varies depending on the days of stay in the country but is roughly the amount of DOLLARS 90-120. Contact us at info@dosbrostravel.com for a free quote.

I changed my mind and I no longer want to leave or I have problems /
I lost the flight, can I get a refund of the deposit?

For more information visit the dedicated page repayments to the terms and conditions of service.

Can I add / remove a participant after having booked and paid the deposit?

It is possible to add a participant to the trip up to a maximum of 6 people or remove a participant if it is unable to attend the trip. If you remove a participant in the trip, the reference prices will always be those related to the total number of people participating and we will send you a new booking confirmation with the repayment of part of the advance if the participants fall or with the payment request for a second payment in case the participants increase. Contact us at info@dosbrostravel.com with your changes.

Can you help me book a hotel in Ulan Bator in case I decide to stop more days?

Of course, we can help you to seek for an hotel in Ub and book it for you. Contact us atinfo@dosbrostravel.com inserting the required type of accommodation you’re looking for (type of hotel, star, single, double, dormitory, ger, etc ..)

Why your trip are cheaper than others that I find on the net?

We are only a few people working in Mongolia with local facilities. We personally manage our journey and our customers while also providing free advice for the organization of the trip. For this reason our trip will fill up fast! In any case, you can consult the CALENDAR section to verify if the dates are still available.

What currency do I pay for the trip?

We accept tugrik, dollars and euro. You can pay the down payment and the balance as you like. Please note that the reference price will always be displayed on the site in Euros. To pay the balance of the beginning of the day trip you can go to an ATM at the station or airport and take dollars or tugrik.