Around Gobi Desert





1 Person: 2700 $ / 2-3 People: 2200 $
4-6 People: 1800 $

Where the tour start and end?

The tour start from Ulan Bator and end in the same place.
We will pick up and drop off  you at airport, train station or your hotel as your wish.

Tour days:

12 days / 8 nights in Ger Guesthouse and 3 nights in Tourist Ger Camp



Easy, trip suitable for all the ages.

The tour in detail

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Day 1 / Ulan Bator to Sand Dunes

We will pick you at airport/train station or hotel and we start the tour driving untill the Sand Dunes.

( Overnight stay in Ger with nomadic family )


Day 2 / Karakorum

After breakfast we will reach Karakorum, the ancient capital. Here we will eat and we will continue the exploration of the city and the ruins linked to it, the excursion will with the monastery of Erdene Zuu and the visit to the Karakorum museum.

( Overnight stay in Ger with nomadic family )


Day 3 / Tsenkher hot spa

After breakfast we will go to the hot springs of Tsenkher famous for being considered therapeutic. They are particularly effective against rheumatism and skin problems. After the baths we will have a hiking session to the spectacular mountain in Shiveet Tsenkher valley.

( Overnight stay in Turist Ger Camp )

mongolia, deserto del gobi, gobi, mongolia viaggi

Day 4 / Orkhon Waterfall

From the hot spring we will continue towards the famous Orkhon valley to the highest waterfalls of 25 meters national heritage Unesco. In addition to these wonderful waterfalls there is a volcanic area. We willl take the horses or depending on your preference will walk to discover the area.

( Overnight stay in Ger with nomadic family )


Day 5 / Ongi Monastery

Ongi Monastery is a famous ruin of a big monastery near the Ongiin River, with 28 temples and other buildings near the Rocky Mountain. That monastery had around 1000 lamas before Russian destroyed the most part of that during the Stalinist purges around 1930s.
In 1990 monks come back to Ongi monastery and they continue to practise their Buddhist education from young children until around 60 years old.

( Overnight stay in Tourist Ger Camp  )


Day 6 / Bayanzag

After breakfast we will drive toward Bayanzag (240 km) where we will see this beautiful rocky formation created due to the erosion of water and wind over millions of years. There you will see dinosaurs bones and eggs found by an American zoologist. The site is also famous for the Flaming Cliffs. Is wonderful to watch the sunset from there because it seems to be “on fire”. We will take a walk around and sleep there.

( Overnight stay in Ger with nomadic family  )

mongolia, deserto del gobi, gobi, mongolia viaggi

 Day 7-8 / Khongor

Khongor is the second largest sand dune in the country that stretches from the north side of the mountain ranges of Zoolun and Sevrei. Near the Khongor River there is an oasis. We will ride the camels and we will explore these amazing dunes. We will climb one of these dunes and we continue the excursion exploring the area.

( Overnight stay in Ger with nomadic family )


 Day 9 / Yol Valley

After breakfast, we will head to Yolyn Am.
Yol in Mongolian language means vulture. We will explore the valley and we will see the ice that persist even in summer months in contrast to the desert climate. We will also visit the natural museum Gurvan Saikhan inside the park.

( Overnight stay in Ger with nomadic family )

 Day 10 / White stupas

The scarp of Tsagaan Suvarga is located in Dundgovi province on Ulziit soum. You can see the sheer slope, facing east, which from a distance seems to be the ruins of the ancient city. The cliff is 30 meters high and 100 meters wide. The wind has created this amazing structure over thousands of years.

( Overnight stay in Touristic Ger Camp )


 Day 11 / Baga gazariin chuluu

Baga gazariin chuluu are a big mountains with granite stone located in the Dund province in the Gobi Area. That stones are 15km long and around 10 wide. A lot of animal live around like wild sheep, marmot and ibex.

( Overnight stay in Ger with nomadic family )


 Day 12 / Go Back to Ulan Bator

After the scenic Baga gazariin chuluu we’ll go back driving to Ulan Bator.

What is included:

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners, transportation by Jeep / off-road (depending on road conditions), bottled water, museums fees, park fees, english speaking guide, driver

What is not included:

Personal expenses, travel insurance, airfare

About our accommodation:

Overnight is in Ger with nomads 3 days and last one in Ub, hostel/hotel with private room and shared toilet.
We can offer different kind of accommodation like all the trip in turistic ger camp or in luxury camp. If you are looking for another kind of accommodation write us at and we will help you!: info@dosbrostravel.com

Read me about our accommodations here DOSBROS ACCOMODATIONS IN MONGOLIA.

How to book this tour:

1- Read our Terms and Conditions HERE

2-Fill in the form that you find HERE for the reservation of the tour with your data

3- We will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the availability, then you will receive information about the payment (30% for the booking and 70% to be paid upon arrival).

4- After the deposit you will receive all the information on your trip and a copy of the itinerary. Remember to give us precise Instructions on where you arrive!

5- For any questions or information you can always contact us by mail to info@dosbrostravel.com

All tours are customized, if you want to add more days in one place or less in another, ask for a different itinerary o for insurance package, local flight + tour contact us at info@dosbrostravel.com


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